Why Visit Bonito

  • Snorkel in crystal clear freshwater streams with a plethora of colourful aquatic life.
  • The Macaw’s sinkhole is simply astonishing with dozens of brightly coloured Red-and-Green Macaws doing spectacular flyovers.
  • Majestic caves with impressive formations, some of which you can snorkel or dive in.
  • Hikes along magical forested trails with waterfalls cascading into clear pools, perfect for cooling off in.
  • Easily combined with southern Pantanal, this area would be a pity to miss.


  • Giant Anteater
  • Lesser Anteater
  • River Otter
  • Tapir
  • Brown Capuchin Monkey
  • Azara’s Agouti
  • Pampas Deer


  • Red-and-Green Macaw
  • Blaze-winged Parakeet
  • Spectacled Owl
  • Helmeted Manakin
  • Blue-crowned Motmot
  • Blue-crowned Trogon
  • Curl-crested Jay

When to visit

Bonito can be visited at any time of year.

The winter months bring cooler waters so you might want to bring along or hire a wetsuit.

About Bonito

Bonito means “pretty”, which truly befits this destination! Owing to the enormous quantity of limestone in the bedrock, the water of these rivers passes through a natural filter, leaving the rivers to be some of the clearest and most transparent in the world. The crystal clear rivers and their bordering riperine Atlantic forest burst with life, a delight to any naturalist. One may take time to visit the Prata River where you may snorkel in crystal-clear water with more than forty species of fresh water fish including colourful species such as Dorado, Piraputanga and Pacu. There are many impressive caves that were formed millions of years ago. Blue Lake Cave is just one of these underground caverns – here the sunlight penetrates the wide cavity, going down 150 meters from the surface to the lake below, creating the striking azure blue water, which is simply stunning!

The remarkable Macaw’s Sinkhole, a huge natural crater which formed when the ceiling of a cave collapsed, is now the home of many Red-and-Green Macaws which nest in the crevices and caves of the vertical walls and provides excellent photographic opportunities of these impressively colourful birds. Mysterious Lagoon reaches 75 meters in depth and is one of the deepest submerged caves in Brazil, impressive not only for its depth, but also for its incredible transparency. En-route to the various attractions it is worth keeping an eye out for Giant and Lesser Anteaters , Greater Rhea, Red-legged Seriemas and the regionally endemic Blaze-winged Parakeet.

Featured Lodges

Santa Esmeralda Hotel

The Santa Esmeralda Hotel is located about 20 minutes away from the town of Bonito, on the Formoso River, with beautiful waterfalls, natural pools for swimming. The hotel was designed to respect the local architecture and landscape, prioritizing the rustic style, providing thus a product for people who are seeking privacy, peace, tranquility and contact with nature. The hotel has 18 suites, all equipped with air conditioning, living room and balcony with a hammock that provides a view to the fields and forests of the region.

Pousada Boyrá

Boyrá in the Tupi indigenous language means “something precious”. With only 11 suites on the banks of the Formoso River you are guaranteed an exclusive experience. The unique selling point is the location and the river itself is worth staying here for. Accommodations are comfortable and well equipped with air-conditioning and requisite hammock. You can enjoy local cuisine with breakfast and dinner included.