Projeto Oncafari was founded by two of the partners of the Brazil Safari Company, Simon Bellingham (a wildlife guide from South Africa) and Mario Haberfeld (a conservationist from Brazil). Jaguars are widespread in the Pantanal, but relative to the big cats of Africa seldom encountered. The aim of the project has been to get a population of Jaguars relaxed around game drive vehicles and has allowed fellow wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to follow and enjoy these magnificent felines from the safety and comfort of a vehicle (as is done in much of Africa). The project has been a great success and it is hoped that lessons learned from these cats will continue to contribute towards superlative big cat sightings, the protection of these magnificent animals and the environment in which they live. Mario and Simon plan to extend the project to other properties thereby increasing the size of land used for conservation and ecotourism purposes in Brazil.

Please go to the Projeto Oncafari website for further details.